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  • Peter Brown has collected and paid millions of dollars to his injured clients over the last 30+ years!

  • We guarantee premier personal service and attention.

  • Speak with a well-known and trusted attorney with a proven success record.

  • We will protect you and your family.

If you are injured and ready to hire an attorney, or if you are merely inquiring about your rights, you can schedule a FREE confidential conference with us. We understand that you might not need an attorney immediately. We don’t mind educating you on your rights and options under the ever-changing laws of South Carolina Workers’ Compensation. You will be under no obligation and your employer will never be contacted.

Will I be fired for making a Worker’s Compensation claim?

You should not be fired for being injured on the job. The majority of our clients remain employed with their jobs secure upon the resolution of their claims.

Are you being treated fairly?

In the event that you are injured and you are not receiving appropriate medical treatment or compensation, we will be glad to assist you. We can get you to the specialists you need to expedite your recovery. We know your rights, as Peter Brown has been representing injured workers since the early 1990’s.

Your employer’s insurance company handles your claim, not your employer.

Your employer’s insurance company knows nothing about your years of dedication to your employer or your excellent service record with the company; they merely recognize you as a claim number. They have very little incentive to provide you with expensive comprehensive medical treatment and timely wage benefits to support your family. Don’t try to fight the multi-million dollar “Insurance Giant” yourself.. bring us in to level the playing field. We know your rights and options and will fight for you.

Your Workers’ Compensation claim must be moved forward by you, the claimant, and your attorney, to ensure you are getting the benefits you are entitled to receive. If you have been injured on the job and want an experienced Workers’ Compensation lawyer to protect your rights to receive all the benefits you are entitled to receive. If you have been injured on the job and want an experienced Worker’s Compensation lawyer to protect your rights and receive all the benefits you are entitled, call Peter Brown at 843.971.0099

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What to Do If You Have Been Injured on the Job

  1. Immediately, or as soon as possible, notify your employer that you suffered an injury on the job.
  2. Get the names, addresses and phone numbers of each and every witness to the injury.
  3. Seek immediate medical attention. Provide as much detail as possible to the medical provider in regard to the extent of your pain and the injuries.
  4. Contact our office immediately.
  5. Realize that the insurance company for your employer will have an adjuster assigned to your claim very quickly. You will need an experienced Workers’ Compensation attorney protecting your right to receive such things as Temporary Total Disability Benefits and appropriate medical treatment for your specific injury. You will need someone to help monitor your recovery. We will help you return to work, when appropriate, under the proper restrictions. We will help determine when you have reached Maximum Medical Improvement and explain to you what that means to your claim. Our goal is to help you return to your job, if possible, and receive the appropriate amount of compensation you deserve for your injury.

What You May Encounter From Your Employers’ Insurance Company

  • Insurance adjusters ignoring or dragging their feet on responding to your claim. Not responding to your repeated phone calls and requests for additional medical treatment. Giving you the runaround.

  • Routinely paying your TTD checks late, to cause you financial hardship and “encourage” you to go back to work sooner.

  • The insurance company might make the claim that you were actually injured elsewhere, off the job and deny your claim.

  • The insurance company might claim that you had a pre-existing condition that you did not reveal on your job application and therefore dispute or deny your claim.

  • The insurance company might claim that you were not really hurt or are now

  • The insurance company’s doctor might deem you fine to return to full duty work with no restrictions, when in fact you are not ready to return.

  • The insurance company might deny your request to see a different doctor or a medical specialist who specializes in your type of injuries.

  • The insurance company might deny your request for an Independent Medical Exam.

  • The insurance company might limit or simply cut off your physical therapy before you have received the full benefit from that treatment or reach maximum medical improvement (MMI).

  • Your employer’s insurance company may offer you a premature settlement when you have not yet reached maximum medical improvement (MMI) and still need additional medical treatment.

  • These are only a few of the practices the insurance companies use to quickly and inexpensively settle Workers’ Compensation claims. Don’t be fooled into believing the insurance company when they say you can easily handle the matter yourself. If you are unsure, please check with an experienced Workers’ Compensation attorney. We will consult with you for free at the Law Office of Peter David Brown.

What you are Entitled to Recover?

Peter Brown knows how to get you the benefits you are allowed. Our firm represents victims of on the job injuries, personal injuries and wrongful death claims throughout the state of South Carolina. Call us now for a free, no-obligation evaluation of your claim.

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14:57 01 Nov 19
Exceptional experience with Peter David Brown Law office. I was always kept in the loop and was never once worried or concerned about the outcome of my case. They really did handle everything for me, and I will be forever greatful! Thanks again!
Chuck Jarman
Chuck Jarman
12:34 15 Sep 19
I have known Peter for a number of years. He has provide several of my family member and myself legal advise. He is very knowledgeable and has an outstanding understanding of the law. I would highly recommend him to anyone desiring legal counsel.
Cheryl Hair
Cheryl Hair
23:41 13 Sep 19
We have had extremely great service from Peter Brown's Law Office. Peter's entire staff gives you the personal service, that you do not get from any other firm. Peter personally has paid attention to every problem that we have hired his firm for. Peter Brown's Law Office has never overcharged us for any of the things that we have retained him to handle. We have had other Law firms look over our cases, but wanted an astronomical fee. This firm will fight for you, get things done for you in a timely manner and not over charge you for their services. There is no flashy commercials, telling you to dial 9999999, 7777777, or 8888888. This firm is straight forward, no silly gimmicks, jumping over cars, or dropping numbers from the sky!! I would not want to do business with silly gimmicky law firms. We would highly recommend that you trust the Law Office of Peter Brown, for all of your legal matters. You will be pleased with the fees, easy payment plan and the results of your case. This why we recommend Peter Brown's Law Firm to all of our family and friends.
joann jarman
joann jarman
22:54 13 Sep 19
Peter Brown handled two situations for my family honestly and fairly. I don't want to go into much detail regarding our interactions, but I will say one of the situations was life changing for my family. When you are faced with tough decisions, you need someone you can depend on. Peter Brown is that person. He helped us navigate the complex legal system and earned my complete trust. I hope I never need to call on his services again, but if I had to, I would not hesitate day or night.
Shannon Hutto
Shannon Hutto
17:27 08 Aug 19
Pete and Denise are two of the most GENUINE, HONEST, & AMAZING people you could ask for! They are straight forward and they both genuinly care about your situation. I knew the moment I met both I would be in good hands! Thank you both for all of your hard work and dedication! It really has been great to have y'all navigate the case for myself and family!
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