Truck Accidents

Injured in a Truck Accident?

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Hit and Run by Drunk Driver $800,000
Auto Accident on the Job $250,000
Work-Related Injury $160,000
Motorcycle-Auto Accident $700,000
Auto Accident Involving Drunk Driver $500,000
Boating Accident Resulting In Surgery $275,000
Fall At Work $245,000
Death at Local Manufacturing Plant $203,307
Sexual Assault $200,000
Serious Car Accident $165,000
Auto Accident On the Job $157,000
Law Inforcement Officer Hurt On The Job $155,000
Auto Accident Resulting In Surgery $150,000
Hurt On The Job $130,000
Knee Injury On the Job $125,000
Auto Accident $125,000
Accident At Work $123,973.84
Auto Accident Involving Drunk Driver $110,000
Auto Accident $102,000
Auto Accident While On The Job $100,000
Auto Accident Policy Limits $100,000
Auto Accidents Involving Drunk Drivers $99,548
Accident While on The Job $89,110

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Truck Versus Car, Car Loses Again!

It is the same story, over and over again. Another huge eighteen-wheeler that we share the road with daily has collided with a passenger car, resulting in catastrophic, if not deadly injuries to the car’s occupants. Unfortunately, the size difference between cars and trucks cause devastating and often tragic consequences for the driver and passengers in the smaller vehicle.

The Problem:

The drivers and their parent companies can and should be held liable for these tragic injuries. But how?


Responsive investigative work and legal action might discover and preserve the negligent acts which led to the accident. We have veteran accident reconstruction experts who can quickly get to a scene and gather all the needed information before it is lost or moved. The Law Offices of Peter David Brown, P.A. has experience dealing with accidents involving commercial vehicles. We are aware of the requirements that commercial vehicles must follow and how to protect your right to recover from their deliberate and often negligent actions.

Free Case Evaluation

We understand that an auto accident can be distruptive and painful, literally.  You miss work and must try to fit in much needed medical treatment. First the co-pay and then the bills that mount quickly. More time off for continuing the medical treatment. More bills and no cooperation from the “other side’s” insurance company.

The insurance adjusters have you in a difficult position and they know it! Insurance companies have trained adjusters who are immediately investigating the accident in an effort to protect the insurance company and limit their monetary exposure.

When your vehicle is destroyed or damaged, repairs or replacements can take days or even weeks.  Auto Accidents result in the loss of valuable hours form work or personal obligations.  Let us help you with finding a rental car or an alternative solution.

What Not to Do
After an Truck Accident

Please do not give any recorded statements or even discuss the facts surrounding the auto accident with the other driver’s insurance company. Certainly do not discuss your injuries, as the more serious injuries may not become apparent until several days or weeks after the original swelling, bruising and more obvious “surface symptoms” subside. A statement professing to “only be sore” will surely make your case more difficult and be used against you if a month, after the “soreness” doesn’t subside and you see a specialist. When the orthopedic surgeon advises you that you will require surgery to repair a herniated disc you incurred as a result of the collision! Only a trained medical professional can properly evaluate your injuries. Let us help guide you through this difficult time that contains so many subtle landmines.


Please Call an Experienced Automobile Accident Attorney at the Law Office of Peter Brown for a free case evaluation and to advise you of your options.

Remember Not To:

  • Leave the Scene

  • Forget to call 911

  • Loose Your Temper

  • Discuss your Injuries before seeking medical attention

  • Admit Fault

  • Talk to other party’s insurance company

  • File a lawsuit on your own

  • Not Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

Let Us Help

Make an intelligent and informed choice of an attorney who regularly handles trucking accidents and is aware of how the claim is likely to be handled by the insurance companies involved.

We Protect Your Interests

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Overworked and Fatigued Truckers:

Many truckers are overworked and battling fatigue and drowsiness while traveling our nation’s roadways. The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board estimates that driver fatigue is the cause of up to 40% of all trucking accidents. Some trucking companies hire drivers who are unqualified or even unlicensed. Some fail to properly train drivers and even have drivers who have histories of drug and alcohol abuse or even driving drunk!

What the Insurance Company is Doing:

Immediately after any serious collision involving a commercial vehicle, the insurance companies have a team of experts move into action. They have well trained adjusters who are immediately investigating the accident in an effort to protect the insurance company and limit their exposure. The adjusters will be photographing the scene, interviewing witnesses, taking statements and possibly even contacting you in order to take your statement. If necessary, they will hire an accident Reconstructionist to help re-create the crash. The insurance companies do all this to protect their driver and the insurance company.

Don’t you think you should be doing something to protect your interests?

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