Personal Injury Attorney Charleston | Top Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Spring is right around the corner and as the weather in Charleston is warming up more motorcycles will be seen on the streets. Motorcycle accidents are often devastating for the driver because motorcyclists have much less protection than drivers in cars. Motorcycle riders are much more likely to suffer fatal or catastrophic injuries from accidents on the road which is why all drivers need to understand the common causes for motorcycle accidents and how to avoid them before they end up needing a personal injury attorney in Charleston themselves.

Wondering the main culprits of Motorcycle Accidents?

  1. Distracted Drivers- We all know that texting and driving is terrible, but any distracted driving including eating while driving, watching screens, or even just having conversations that take your attention away from the road can cause fatal accidents. Always keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel when driving and remember to frequently check your mirrors to know what’s around you.
  2. Bad Weather Conditions- When the roads are wet, icy, or slick for any other reason, motorcyclists should avoid taking the bike out. Not only are the conditions more dangerous for the motorcyclist, but other drivers are more likely to lose control of their vehicles and hit a motorcycle driver or other car.
  3. Animals- No one wants to hit an animal in the road, but it happens. When someone in a vehicle hits an animal, they might swerve and have an accident, but when the animal is small, they are often able to drive away from the scene unharmed and with their car in okay condition at least. When a motorcycle hits an animal, the motorcycle is much more likely to go to the ground injuring the rider.
  4. Defective Parts- Sometimes the cause of motorcycle accidents is caused by defective parts and the manufacturer can be held liable. When it is proven that the motorcycle accident was due to a bad or defective part, a personal injury attorney in Charleston can fight for your right to compensation.

When you’re driving the roads this spring and summer, keep your eyes peeled for motorcycles and no matter what you’re driving, be extra careful at night, during bad weather conditions, and never drive distracted.

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