Personal Injury Attorney | How To File A Slip and Fall Claim


When we are out and about shopping, running errands, or visiting a restaurant, the last thing we expect is to be suddenly injured by slipping and falling. Business owners must exercise the proper duty of care to patrons of their business which means they have to be aware of any hazards that could pose a risk. When a business fails in this duty and a patron falls and gets hurt, they are owed compensation. A personal injury attorney in Charleston can help you navigate the claims process, but there are a few things you need to do before you ever contact a personal injury attorney in Charleston.

  1. Notify the Business Manager or Property Owner- When you slip and fall on someone else’s property, you need to contact the business manager or property owner immediately.
  2. Documentation is Everything- If someone is with you, ask them to take pictures of the environment, your injuries, and any other pertinent information about what caused the slip and fall. Your personal injury attorney in Charleston will appreciate all of your documentation for evidence in your claim.
  3. Get Contact Information- In addition to the pictures of the scene, you should collect the contact information of the business manager or property owner, witnesses to the accident, and the property insurance information. Your personal injury attorney in Charleston can easily contact these people if you already have their phone numbers to get statements and possible depositions.
  4. Get Medical Attention- Depending on your injuries, getting medical attention might be the first thing you need to do; however, even if you do not get medical attention on the scene, you should go to an emergency room or an urgent care center to get an assessment.
  5. Contact a Personal Injury Attorney- The last step is to contact a personal injury attorney that can assess your case and find out if you are eligible for compensation from the insurance companies or business. You’ll need legal representation to get the best outcome for your case.

When you slip and fall, you are entitled to be fully compensated under the law. A lawyer that handles personal injury cases can help you navigate the process and get your claim handled efficiently.

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