Personal Injury Attorney Charleston | Negligence and Burn Injuries

Burn injuries can happen to anyone and can happen anywhere. You don’t have to stick a hand in the fire to sustain a burn, they can be caused by hot water, chemicals, steam, and even getting too much sun. Burns can happen at work, home, in a store, restaurant, or any other public space, and many times the injured person is not to blame. Burn injuries are often caused by negligence of another person and when this happens, a personal injury attorney in Charleston can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Check out the most common types of burn injuries that are caused by negligence:

  1. Scalding- When someone is scalded, they are burned by very hot water or steam. Splattered boiling water, spilled soup, a dropped coffee, and tea kettle steam can also cause scalding injuries. Most people remember the infamous McDonald’s coffee lawsuit with the woman burned by coffee; however, she sustained 2nd and 3rd degree burns from scalding!
  2. Chemical Burns- Industrial workers, professional cleaners, maintenance workers, and hospital workers are often susceptible to chemical burns from cleaning agents and other harsh chemicals. Negligence may be at play when chemicals are properly stored or marked, hazards aren’t cleaned up, or employers don’t have safe handling instructions posted.
  3. Defective Products- Most people have seen the hover boards that have caught on fire by now but may not realize that these types of injuries are handled often by a personal injury attorney in Charleston. From motor vehicles to toddler toys, defective parts are often the root cause for burn injuries caused by products.

There are a few other common burns that happen because of negligence including radiation burns and electric burns. A personal injury attorney in Charleston will listen to your story and guide you through your options if negligence has caused your burn injuries.

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