Someone can be a longtime firearm owner and suddenly have to give them all up if they are convicted of certain crimes in South Carolina. Under federal law, anyone with a felony or violent crime conviction is not eligible to legally own a firearm. Domestic battery misdemeanors are also included in crimes that will prohibit someone from owning a gun. Your Mt. Pleasant DUI lawyer can help determine whether you will have to give up your firearms, but it will depend on the type of DUI you are charged with, as well as how many DUIs you have.

You Are Prohibited from Owning A Firearm in South Carolina If:

In South Carolina, aside from violent crime and felonies, there are a few other things that can disqualify someone from purchasing or possessing guns.

  • Fugitive from justice
  • Habitual drunkards
  • History of drug addiction
  • Has been declared mentally incompetent by a court
  • Has membership with a subversive organization
  • A judge has declared the person unfit to possess or use a firearm
  • Undocumented immigrant
  • History of mental health disorder
  • Currently in inpatient drug addiction treatment
  • Currently in inpatient mental health treatment

Your Mt. Pleasant DUI lawyer is an important partner in your DUI case because there are many things that are at the judge’s discretion such as the meaning of “habitual” when considering if someone is a habitual drunkard. Usually, multiple DUI offenses can be considered habitual drunkards, but just one may not disqualify someone from owning a firearm unless the DUI is a felony conviction.

The laws in South Carolina can change frequently and it is important that if you are pulled over for a DUI and arrested you call a Mt. Pleasant DUI Lawyer as soon as possible to minimize the chances of drastic consequences. A DUI can have many long-term effects on your life, including having to give up your firearms or never be able to purchase one.

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