Motorcycle Accidents

Injured in a Motorcycle Accident?

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Hit and Run by Drunk Driver $800,000
Auto Accident on the Job $250,000
Work-Related Injury $160,000
Motorcycle-Auto Accident $700,000
Auto Accident Involving Drunk Driver $500,000
Boating Accident Resulting In Surgery $275,000
Fall At Work $245,000
Death at Local Manufacturing Plant $203,307
Sexual Assault $200,000
Serious Car Accident $165,000
Auto Accident On the Job $157,000
Law Inforcement Officer Hurt On The Job $155,000
Auto Accident Resulting In Surgery $150,000
Hurt On The Job $130,000
Knee Injury On the Job $125,000
Auto Accident $125,000
Accident At Work $123,973.84
Auto Accident Involving Drunk Driver $110,000
Auto Accident $102,000
Auto Accident While On The Job $100,000
Auto Accident Policy Limits $100,000
Auto Accidents Involving Drunk Drivers $99,548
Accident While on The Job $89,110

An Experienced Motorcycle Accident Attorney

  • Peter Brown has collected and paid millions of dollars to his injured clients over the last 30+ years!

  • We guarantee premier personal service and attention.

  • Speak with a well-known and trusted attorney with a proven success record.

  • We will protect you and your family.

Motorcycle Versus Car, Car Loses Again!

When you or a loved one are injured in a motorcycle accident, there is a chance that you will incur life-changing injuries. On top of that, you might have over one-hundred thousand ($100,000) dollars in medical bills, even if it wasn’t your fault.

Peter Brown has handled serious motorcycle accident claims since 1985 when he was a multi-line adjuster with Progressive Casualty Insurance Company.

If you or a loved one has been hurt in a motorcycle accident, contact an experienced motorcycle accident attorney immediately. The Law Office of Peter David Brown, P.A. will investigate and determine the cause of the accident and help you make the proper insurance claims. If you are unsure who is at fault for the accident, we will help you determine that and help you to make a claim if appropriate. We have experienced recunstructionists on call to document and evaluate any incident.

Free Case Evaluation

We understand that an auto accident can be distruptive and painful, literally.  You miss work and must try to fit in much needed medical treatment. First the co-pay and then the bills that mount quickly. More time off for continuing the medical treatment. More bills and no cooperation from the “other side’s” insurance company.

The insurance adjusters have you in a difficult position and they know it! Insurance companies have trained adjusters who are immediately investigating the accident in an effort to protect the insurance company and limit their monetary exposure.

When your vehicle is destroyed or damaged, repairs or replacements can take days or even weeks.  Auto Accidents result in the loss of valuable hours form work or personal obligations.  Let us help you with finding a rental car or an alternative solution.

NOW is When You Need Us The Most…Let Us Help.

You need an experienced motorcycle/auto accident attorney to lift the burden from your shoulders so that you can concentrate on recovering from your injuries and getting your family’s life back to normal. Let us quickly investigate your accident and help you with your property damage claim while you or your loved ones focus on recovering from the injuries. Insurance companies are huge corporations who make millions of dollars settling claims quickly and for as little as possible. You need to level the playing field and hire a law firm that routinely handles serious collisions.

What Not to Do
After a Motorcycle Accident

Please do not give any recorded statements or discuss the facts surrounding the accident with the other driver’s insurance company. (Often times that insurance company might also be your company, which can also work against you.) Certainly do not discuss your injuries, as the more serious injuries may not become apparent until several days or weeks after the original swelling, bruising and more obvious “surface symptoms” subside. A recorded statement to “only being sore,” will surely make your case more difficult and be used against you if you later discover that your situation requires surgery to repair an injury such as a herniated disc you incurred as a result of the collision. Only a trained medical professional can properly evaluate your injuries. Let us help guide you through this difficult time that contains so many potential landmines.


Please Call An Experienced Accident Attorney at the Law Office of Peter Brown. Contact us to evaluate your case and advise you of your options (843-202-4548).

Let us Help From the Beginning

The last thing you want to deal with is the insurance company for the “at fault party.” This is when you are most likely to give up your rights. You are distracted and they know it. They can delay returning calls, approving rental vehicles and accepting liability until they have gathered all the information they need to protect their insured.

Their adjusters are well trained and know to immediately investigate the accident in an effort to protect the insurance company and limit their exposure. They will be photographing the scene, interviewing witnesses, and taking statements designed to help further their defense. Insurance companies do not want you to hire an attorney, especially one who knows their tactics.  We know their tactics, we have walked in their shoes.

Remember Not To:

  • Leave the Scene

  • Forget to call 911

  • Loose Your Temper

  • Discuss your Injuries before seeking medical attention

  • Admit Fault

  • Talk to other party’s insurance company

  • File a lawsuit on your own

  • Not Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

Let Us Help

Make an intelligent and informed choice of an attorney who regularly handles motorcycle accidents and is aware of how the claim is likely to be handled by the insurance companies involved.

Motorcycle Accidents

Peter Brown has been representing riders for decades. Often times the injuries far surpass the insurance coverage available. That is why it is important to hire an experienced attorney who can work to find every liability policy applicable and then exhaust any under-insured coverage available.

Additionally, an experienced attorney will then attempt to negotiate the often six-figure medical bills down to something reasonable in light of the injuries and the funds available.

Contacting an experienced personal injury attorney immediately after an accident is absolutely critical.

Because a majority of motorcycle accidents involve leg and back injuries, we also offer the availability of an extensive team of medical experts, ranging from orthopedic specialists to physical therapists, that can help deal with the issues of chronic pain, prosthetic devices and gait analysis.

Additionally, innocent passengers on motorcycles often have valid insurance claims no matter who is determined to be at fault for the accident. As one can imagine, emergency room treatment, specialists, possible surgery and the prospect of a lengthy term of rehabilitation along the path to recovery are frequent byproducts of motorcycle accidents. Lost hours from work for one or both spouses often debilitate a family that might have already been struggling prior to the accident. There is a great deal at stake when the injuries are truly serious.

After working as a multi-line insurance adjuster who handled serious motorcycle and auto accident claims for Progressive Casualty Insurance Company, Mr. Brown attended Emory University School of Law in Atlanta, GA. While in law school, Mr. Brown clerked for an insurance defense firm in Atlanta, Georgia before joining the firm upon his graduation. As an insurance defense attorney, he learned the strategies and defenses that insurance companies and their representatives use to defend claims.

Today, The Law Office of Peter David Brown is dedicated to representing individuals who have been injured or killed by the negligence of others.

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