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South Carolina’s waterways are becoming increasingly more congested with distracted, impaired amateur recreational boaters than ever before.  Every year we hear of tragic boating accidents that claim innocent lives.

As a result of this congestion, Maritime Insurance claims involving boating and watercraft accidents are becoming more and more common.  Peter Brown has been handling serious boating claims for decades.  He has settled a few for over a quarter of a million ($250,000.00) dollars each.

The failure of boats and other watercraft to yield to oncoming boats lead to the majority of the devastating boating accidents in South Carolina each year.  Alcohol is a contributing factor in of these collisions.  It takes a skilled Personal Injury Attorney with years of experience with boating accidents to tie in the negligence and the alcohol for the best results.  Peter has the skill and experience to protect your interests.

While South Carolina is known as one of the most boater-friendly states on the East Coast, it is often the tourists on rental units (jet skis and boats) who are unsure about the rules and the dangers specific to the waterways, resulting in several avoidable accidents each year.  We can track down claims involving tourists who have fled the state or otherwise returned home to escape prosecution for their negligence.   Peter has defended boaters charged with BWI (Boating While Intoxicated) and knows both sides of the fence- and he will put that knowledge to work for you.

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The last thing you want to deal with is the Insurance Company for the “at-fault party.” This is when you are most likely to give up your rights. You are distracted by the enormity of a serious injury, and they know it. They can delay returning calls, approving claims and accepting liability until they have gathered all the information they need to protect their insured AND the Insurance Company they work for!

Their adjusters are well trained and know to immediately investigate the incident in an effort to protect the insurance company and limit their exposure. They will be photographing the scene, interviewing witnesses, and taking statements designed to help further their defense. Insurance companies do not want you to hire an attorney, especially one who knows their tactics. We know their tactics, because we have walked in their shoes.

You need an experienced boating and watercraft accident attorney to lift the burden from your shoulders so that you can concentrate on recovering from your injuries and getting your family’s life back to normal. Let us quickly investigate your incident and help you with your claim while you or your loved ones focus on recovering from the injuries.Insurance companies are huge corporations who make millions of dollars settling claims quickly and for as little as possible. You need to level the playing field and hire a law firm that routinely handles serious incidents.

What Not to Do
After a Boating Accident

Please do not give any recorded statements or discuss the facts surrounding the incident with any insurance company. (Often times that insurance company might also be your own company, which can actually work against you.)

Certainly do not discuss your injuries, as the more serious injuries may not become apparent until several days or weeks after the original swelling, bruising and more obvious “surface symptoms” subside. A recorded statement from you indicating that you are “only being sore,” will surely make your case more difficult and be used against you if you later discover that your situation requires surgery to repair an injury such as a herniated disc you incurred as a result of the incident. Only a trained medical professional can properly evaluate your injuries. Let us help guide you through this difficult time that contains so many potential landmines.

Remember Not To:

  • Leave the Scene

  • Forget to call 911

  • Loose Your Temper

  • Discuss your Injuries before seeking medical attention

  • Admit Fault

  • Talk to other party’s insurance company

  • File a lawsuit on your own

  • Not Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

Let Us Help

If you or a loved one has been hurt in a watercraft accident, contact a watercraft/boating accident attorney immediately. The Law Office of Peter David Brown, P.A. will investiage on your behalf.

Maritime Personal Injury Claims

Contacting an experienced personal injury attorney immediately after a boating accident is critical. Insurance companies often blame the boaters before assessing the accident scene because they assume boaters have been reckless and dangerous. They will often cite you or your boat’s use of alcohol as contributory and attempt to deny a claim.

Don’t be fooled by the insurance company’s representative!

*If this sounds familiar, contact us for representation.*

Don’t let the insurance company force you into settling quickly and for less than your claim is worth. You are entitled to legal representation and fair compensation.

Passengers on boats often have valid insurance claims no matter who was at fault. As one can imagine, emergency room treatment, specialists, possible surgery and the prospect of a lengthy term of rehabilitation along the path to recovery are frequent byproducts of boating/jet ski accidents.

Lost hours from work for one or both spouses often debilitate a family that might have already been struggling prior to the accident.

Peter Brown is a former multi-line insurance adjuster who handled motorcycle and auto accident claims for Progressive Casualty Insurance Company prior to becoming an attorney. While in law school, Peter worked for an insurance defense law firm in Atlanta, Georgia before ultimately joining the firm upon his graduation. As an insurance defense attorney, he learned the strategies and defenses that insurance companies and their representatives use to defend claims.

The Law Office of Peter David Brown is dedicated to representing individuals who have been injured or killed by the negligence of others.

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14:57 01 Nov 19
Exceptional experience with Peter David Brown Law office. I was always kept in the loop and was never once worried or concerned about the outcome of my case. They really did handle everything for me, and I will be forever greatful! Thanks again!
Chuck Jarman
Chuck Jarman
12:34 15 Sep 19
I have known Peter for a number of years. He has provide several of my family member and myself legal advise. He is very knowledgeable and has an outstanding understanding of the law. I would highly recommend him to anyone desiring legal counsel.
Cheryl Hair
Cheryl Hair
23:41 13 Sep 19
We have had extremely great service from Peter Brown's Law Office. Peter's entire staff gives you the personal service, that you do not get from any other firm. Peter personally has paid attention to every problem that we have hired his firm for. Peter Brown's Law Office has never overcharged us for any of the things that we have retained him to handle. We have had other Law firms look over our cases, but wanted an astronomical fee. This firm will fight for you, get things done for you in a timely manner and not over charge you for their services. There is no flashy commercials, telling you to dial 9999999, 7777777, or 8888888. This firm is straight forward, no silly gimmicks, jumping over cars, or dropping numbers from the sky!! I would not want to do business with silly gimmicky law firms. We would highly recommend that you trust the Law Office of Peter Brown, for all of your legal matters. You will be pleased with the fees, easy payment plan and the results of your case. This why we recommend Peter Brown's Law Firm to all of our family and friends.
joann jarman
joann jarman
22:54 13 Sep 19
Peter Brown handled two situations for my family honestly and fairly. I don't want to go into much detail regarding our interactions, but I will say one of the situations was life changing for my family. When you are faced with tough decisions, you need someone you can depend on. Peter Brown is that person. He helped us navigate the complex legal system and earned my complete trust. I hope I never need to call on his services again, but if I had to, I would not hesitate day or night.
Shannon Hutto
Shannon Hutto
17:27 08 Aug 19
Pete and Denise are two of the most GENUINE, HONEST, & AMAZING people you could ask for! They are straight forward and they both genuinly care about your situation. I knew the moment I met both I would be in good hands! Thank you both for all of your hard work and dedication! It really has been great to have y'all navigate the case for myself and family!
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