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  • Peter Brown has collected and paid millions of dollars to his injured clients over the last 30+ years!

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When you or a loved one is injured in an automobile accident, your world turns upside down, sometimes literally! If you are looking for a well-known and respected attorney who gets solid results, ask people in the Court system, Law Enforcement or the Medical Profession if they have heard of Peter Brown. Then give us a call. We look forward to helping you.

It’s not too late, let us be your next call so that we can lift the burden of dealing with the insurance company, the doctor’s appointments, the rental car. Let the team at Peter David Brown Law Firm do the heavy lifting, so you can concentrate on getting better.

We understand that an auto accident can be distruptive and painful, literally.  You miss work and must try to fit in much needed medical treatment. First the co-pay and then the bills that mount quickly. More time off for continuing the medical treatment. More bills and no cooperation from the “other side’s” insurance company.

The insurance adjusters have you in a difficult position and they know it! Insurance companies have trained adjusters who are immediately investigating the accident in an effort to protect the insurance company and limit their monetary exposure.

When your vehicle is destroyed or damaged, repairs or replacements can take days or even weeks.  Auto Accidents result in the loss of valuable hours form work or personal obligations.  Let us help you with finding a rental car or an alternative solution.

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Proven Results

Recovered in 2020
Workers Comp. Settlement for client that suffered injuries leading to paralysis.
Settlement for client involved in a hit and run by a drunk driver.
Auto Settlement for a client on a motorcycle, struck by a car.
Settlement for multiple back surgeries over three years.
Settlement for clients that was hit by a drunk driver resulting in multiple surgeries
Confidential Settlement for a slip and fall.
Settlement for Police Officer T-boned resulting in multiple surgeries.
Settlement client that was involved in a boating accident.
Settlement for client involved in a boating accident due to the Captain
Settlement for client that was injured due to a fall.
*Every legal matter is different and therefore these results are not an indication of what your matter might be worth.

What Not to Do
After an Auto Accident

Please do not give any recorded statements or even discuss the facts surrounding the auto accident with the other driver’s insurance company without speaking to an attorney first. Often times their insurance company is also your insurance company, which can also work against you.

Certainly do not discuss your injuries, as the more serious injuries may not become apparent until several days or weeks after the original swelling, bruising and more obvious “surface symptoms” subside.

If you make a statement guessing that you are “only a little sore,” it could make your case more difficult to resolve if you have additional injuries. That statement, although you believed it at the time you said it, might be used against you; especially after you have sought the treatment of a specialist and discovered that your situation requires surgery to repair a more serious condition such as an annular tear or herniated disc that you incurred as a result of the collision.

Only a trained medical professional can properly evaluate your injuries. Let us help guide you through this difficult time that contains so many potential landmines.

Remember Not To:

  • Leave the Scene

  • Forget to call 911

  • Lose Your Temper

  • Discuss your Injuries before seeking medical attention

  • Admit Fault

  • Talk to other party’s insurance company

  • File a lawsuit on your own

  • Not Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

Let Us Help

Make an intelligent and informed choice of an attorney who regularly handles automobile accidents and is aware of how the claim is likely to be handled by the insurance companies involved.

We Protect Your Interests

Personal Injury Attorney Charleston

The last thing you need when you are hurt is more responsibility involving complex legal matters. This is when you are most likely to make a bad decision.

The insurance adjusters have you in a difficult position and they know it! Insurance companies have trained adjusters who are immediately investigating the accident in an effort to protect the insurance company and limit their monetary exposure.

They will be photographing the scene, interviewing witnesses, taking statements and maybe even contacting you to see if you will admit some fault in the accident or say you are not hurt. You need the Law Office of Peter David Brown to be working for you just as quickly, protecting your interests.

You need an experienced auto accident attorney to lift the burden from your shoulders so that you can concentrate on recovering from your injuries and getting your family’s life back to normal. Let us immediately investigate your accident and help guide you with your property damage claim while you and your loved ones focus on recovering from the injuries. Insurance companies are huge corporations that save millions of dollars settling claims quickly and for as little as possible. You need to level the playing field and hire a law firm that routinely handles automobile accidents.

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